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Improved throughout, with brand new digital teaching and learning aids,English File third edition helps deliver successful and enjoyable lessons that get students talking – in and outside the classroom.

It gives you full skills coverage with a clear focus on pronunciation, plus wide-ranging support and resources too.

“Texts must be interesting enough for students to want to read them in their own language. Otherwise, how can we expect students to want to read them in English?”

This is the authors’ golden rule when they choose texts and topics for every level of New English File. It ensures you get material that learners will enjoy reading and will want to talk about. Texts such as ‘Are there really 31 hours in the day?’ really help to generate opinion and discussion.

They create a desire to communicate. So, having created the desire, New English File then helps you to develop learners’ communication skills.

One way it does this is with a strong focus on pronunciation. Research shows that poor pronunciation is a major contributor to breakdowns in communication (Jennifer Jenkins: The Phonology of English as an International Language, Oxford University Press).New English File integrates pronunciation into every lesson – the ‘little and often’ approach – but that’s not all.

The unique English File Sounds Chart puts a picture to each sound in the phonetic alphabet, so learners find it easier to remember the sounds and, ultimately, improve their pronunciation.

New English File consists of a Student’s Book, Teacher’s Book, Work Book with key booklet, Student’s MultiROM (PC and Mac compatible), class audio CDs and video.

It has been a top ten seller at BEBC for many years and was introduced in 2005. Its a must have in the classroom and below are the reasons why, with reviews aplenty commending the series:

In choosing which pre-intermediate level textbook for students to use in my English language classes, I chose the New English File Pre-Intermediate Student’s Book and have found it to be very appropriate. Students who have their own copy in a class can participate in the lessons, which are each well-structured with a main topic on which the exercises are based. The lessons differ in emphasis on functions in exercises (e.g. pronunciation, reading and speaking), although all lessons have grammar exercises. As some classroom exercises involve listening to entertaining passages / dialogues and answering questions about details mentioned, it is ideal to purchase the classroom CD as well, although the texts are provided at the back of the book and could be read orally. Other factors (time available for course, price of books, photo-copyable exercises from teacher’s book, exercises for each lesson on Oxford University Press website, etc.) led to my choosing the student’s book instead of the multipack book. Phonetics are used to teach pronunciation. Regular tests for specific stages of the syllabus can be found on the CD in the Teacher’s Book, which is useful but has to be purchased separately.

This series with all of it’s resource materials is the best out there as far as I (with my 17 years of English teaching experience) can see. It is well-designed and you can just feel that it’s been thoroughly tested in action. The speed of the course is just fine as long as the students had the appropriate level to begin with (not too low). The workbook is excellent homework material for students. If the students have the appropriate level, if they study and actually attend your classes and if they are punctual, they can keep up with the classes just fine. As always the onus is on the students to actually do their homework.

I have repeatedly used this book to teach English classes and will continue to do so. The way the grammar is presented is a particularly strong point in this book.

It’s simply perfect. I love the New English File books. The 4 skills can be practiced without hours of class preparation. You can adapt the activities, but it’s not necessary. Furthermore, the topics are interesting, so neither you nor your students get bored.

This video shows how accessible the NEW ENGLISH FILE is and as they say the ‘proof is in the pudding’.

About the Authors

Clive Oxenden

Clive Oxenden trained to teach EFL at International House, London, and later took his RSA (Cert) at Bromley College, Kent. He has taught English and trained teachers for 23 years, mainly in Spain but also in Turkey, Kuwait, Algeria, and the UK, where he was the RSA tutor at Padworth College in Berkshire. He has spent the last fifteen years teaching at the British Council, Valencia.

Clive’s most recent publication is English File, a multi-level course for Oxford University Press (with Christina Latham-Koenig and Paul Seligson).

Christina Latham-Koenig

Christina Latham-Koenig started her career in TEFL in 1976, teaching at International House and later at the British Council, both in Spain (Valencia) and in the UK. She got a distinction in the RSA Diploma in 1987, and then became a local supervisor for this course in Spain. She has worked as a teacher trainer for both native and non-native teachers of English. She now lives in Valencia, and she started collaborating as co-author of the English File series in 1995.

Paul Seligson

Paul Seligson has been teaching EFL since 1978. He started with International House in Algeria and France, and then moved to the British Council for whom he worked in Egypt, Venezuela, and Spain, where for five years he was the Assistant Director of Studies in Valencia. After a year writing in the USA he moved back to the UK and worked in various ESOL colleges, mainly teaching immigrants and refugees.

He now works freelance, dividing his time between writing, training, and travelling. In 2000 and 2001 he worked for OUP in Brazil as a teacher trainer.

He has an MA in TEFL, and is co-author of English File Levels 1 and 2, published by Oxford University Press.

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