Students hit by travel ban

Students hit by travel ban

February 2017 (EL Gazette)

International students returning to study in the US were among those worst affected by the travel ban imposed by President Trump’s executive order in January, Melanie Butler writes. This included a 90-day ban on Iranian, Somali, Yemeni, Syrian, Sudanese, Iraqi and Libyan nationals arriving. In the picture above is one of many protests that broke out in US airports, this one at San Francisco International.

A Stanford student originally from Sudan was detained for five hours and briefly handcuffed as a result of the ban on migrants from seven majority-Muslim countries, Reuters report. Nisrin Elamin, who is 39 and has been legally resident in the US for 24 years, was one of a number of international students immediately affected by the ban.

‘The order is stranding students who have been approved to study here and are trying to get back to campus, and threatens to disrupt the education and research of many others,’ stated the American Association of Universities.

US universities have committed to protect the 1,700 current students from the affected countries, and have warned them and staff not to leave the US until the ban is lifted. ‘An unfortunate consequence of the new policy appears to be that students and scholars from designated countries are, for the moment, effectively detainees in this country, a spokesperson for Stanford University said.

Pic courtesy: Quinn Norton


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