Teach English abroad: Earn a wage while seeing the world China, South Korea and Europe are particularly popular with Irish teachers

In addition to private language schools, English-language teachers can work in immersive homestays, online/ Skype tutoring, and charitable volunteering.

Peter McGuire: The Irish Times


There are 1.5 billion people on the planet – one in seven of the world’s total population – who are learning or want to learn English. Native English speakers looking to see the world while earning an income at the same time have a massive advantage because they can always teach.

Gregory Rogan of Expat Teaching Recruitment (expatteaching.com)says the majority of Tefl (teach English as a foreign language) teachers take up positions overseas because they seek international experience and the opportunity to live abroad. “Many young graduates use Tefl teaching as a way to finance travels, or as a way to finance living in a foreign country and experiencing life abroad,” he says.

Alan Moir of TeflCoursesIreland.ie says they see five types of people looking to get into English language teaching:

– Students or recent graduates who want to take a year off after college, and perhaps travel and work

– People taking a career break or want to change their career; they may be in their mid-30s and didn’t have a chance to travel when younger

– People who want to move abroad to be with family or a partner

– People nearing retirement or in retirement who are looking to do something different, whether travel or teach in their own country, or over the phone

– Qualified primary or post-primary teachers who want to move abroad, or travel during the summer to make some extra money teaching Tefl.

Where is hiring?

Tish McQueen, business development manager of The TEFLAcademy (theteflacademy.com/ie), says their conversations with Chinese government officials suggest at least 400million people are learning or want to learn English.


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