Did you know?

that Big Ben does not refer to the clock but to the thirteen-ton bell

that London has been called Londonium, Ludenwic and Ludenburg in the past

that the first telephone directory published in England contained only 25 names

that the word „pygg” means „clay” in Old English ( People used to collect coins in clay jars and
because of the similarity in pronunciation pig – pygg, the custom of saving money
evolved into saving money in piggy banks. )

that if London were a country, it would be the 8th largest in Europe

that there are more than 30,000 people with the name John Smith in England

that in Medieval England even animals were tried in courts for damages they caused

that the traditional English dish „ fish and chips” is originally from Portugal

that London was the first city in the world to have an underground subway system

that 25% of the people living in London today were born in another country

The following laws are allegedly still in existence on the statute book in England and Wales:

it is illegal to enter the Houses of Parliament wearing a suit of armour.

It is illegal to eat mince pies on Christmas Day.

It could be regarded as an act of treason to place a postage stamp bearing the Queen’s image upside down.

A pregnant woman can legally relieve herself in public.

The head of any dead whale found on the British coast becomes the property of the king and the tail the queen.


The English people drink more tea (per capita) than anywhere else in the world.

Although England is 59 times smaller than Australia, it is 2.5 times more populous.

The hottest it has ever been recorded to be in England is 38.5 degrees Celsius. That was in Brogdale (Kent) in August 2003, when the country’s worst heat wave hit.

England has the highest obesity rate in all of Europe.

French was England.s official language from 1066 to 1362.

When discussing class in England, it is not one’s money that counts, but one’s family, educations, and so on.

During medieval times, animals could be tried and convicted in court. The fines were payable by the animal.s owner.

Hot chocolate originated in England by a Frenchman. The first store to sell it opened in about 1600.

In medieval times, breakfast was usually enjoyed with a beer.

Queen Victoria had a fetish for Valentine.s Day cards and sent out well over 2000 cards during her reign.

The National Health Service is one of the largest employers in the world.

More than 12 000 English people are injured every year while trying to don their pantyhose or socks.

England is the largest country in the United Kingdom (which also includes Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) and over 80% of the UK population lives in this country.

England is only 35 kilometres from France.

Do you know any more facts about the United Kingdom?


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