BEBC – Spot the mistakes Quiz

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There are 45 mistakes in this piece. Can you spot all of them? 


Critical Apreciation

Their are a number of errors in this peace of writing (including it’s punctuation) witch some of you would of spotted all ready but its you’re task to find as many as your able too. Poor or inconsistant handwriting may effect your overall score and you should aim to carefully practice writing your answers before submitting them. I sincereley hope that no body will be offended – this is a just for fun ocasion and is not an attempt to make any one feel inadaquate.

The list of previous highest scorers include the following;

Mr. Frances Smith and Mrs. Leslie Smith from Wimbourne, Dorset,

Revd. Patrick Campbell, Parish Priest of All Saint’s Church, Poole,

Rev. and Mrs Tom Jones from St Marys’ Church, Ferndown,

(It should be noted that Rev Jones scored 10 point’s less than the Revd Patrick Campbell.)

and Dr. Richard Green from Bournemouth

All entrance must insure that there answers are written on company stationary and recieved by the Editor who’s decision is final in the case of any despute. 

Taken from I Should of Known Better First Addition 2007

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One thought on “BEBC – Spot the mistakes Quiz

  1. Apreciation Their peace it’s witch all ready its you’re your too inconsistant handwriting  effect your practice  sincereley no body will be ocasion inadaquate.  list of previous highest scorers include Wimbourne, Revd. ,  Mrs    Marys’, Ferndown, point’s Revd and Rev Jones   point’s entrance  insure there stationary recieved who’s is  despute. 


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