What’s special about Cutting Edge Third Edition?



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Cutting edge Third Edition builds on the task based learning approach that has made Cutting Edge so popular. With fresh new DVD material and digital components, learners can be confident of improving their language skills through a carefully balanced range of activities. New features include world culture lessons that encourage discussion of contemporary global issues and language live lessons that enable students to practice functional language and writing skills.

The learning objectives for each unit are clearly mapped out so that students know what they are going to be learning throughout the unit. All the reading text and audio recordings in Cutting Edge Third Edition has been fully revised along with related exercises and tasks to give a worldwide perspective on topics. The world cultures lessons relate to topics and issues from around the world. DVD clips from TV programs and documentaries are integrated into the lessons.

Students are given guidance on investigating the topic online to help them conduct research effectively. The world culture lessons end with a writing task for students to consolidate their findings.

The new language live lessons allow students to practice functional language in situations that they are likely to encounter. These lessons include DVD or audio clips. This shows students how the language is used.

New digital components have been developed for Cutting Edge Third Edition. A fully revised MY English Lab gives students online practice related to the learning objectives for each unit and the students DVD-ROM with the students books contains extra resources and all the DVD clips.

The Third Edition builds on all the distinctive features that have made cutting edge a best-selling course with a new worldwide edge.

This fully revised edition maintains its distinctive task based approach with a new worldwide edge.

With fresh, new, integrated DVD material and digital components, learners can be confident of improving their language skills through a carefully balanced range of activities.

New features include:

  • New World Culture lessons with video clips, which give a worldwide view on topics and encourage discussion of contemporary global issues
  • New Language Live lessons with functional language in video and audio clips which enable students to practise functional language and writing skills.
  • New engaging topics that encourage guided online research
  • Fully revised ActiveTeach
  • MyEnglishLab which is the perfect way for students to practise when and where they want and instantly get their grades and feedback
  • Task lesson – students film each other and share filmed tasks

New Features in the Third Edition

World Culture 

World Culture lessons with DVD clips are self-contained sections that relate to the unit using topics such as significant moments in world history and technological or social trends.

These lessons encourage students to investigate global issues and compare and discuss personal and national experiences. Because most students naturally reach to the internet for answers, Cutting Edge Third Edition incorporates this tendency into the lessons and supports students’ investigation through suggested search terms and guided research. This helps students to focus their search and find relevant results more easily.

The writing task at the end of the lesson gives students practice of consolidating their findings in a succinct paragraph, and offers guidance to create a clear and organised written summary.

  Language Live

Language Live lessons show students real-life functional language through DVD or audio clips. The language is presented in contexts and situations they will come across in everyday life.

The lessons contain plenty of communicative activities for students to practise after they have watched the clips, as well as reading and writing exercises to consolidate what they have learned. 

Students are encouraged to make their own video clips of themselves using the functional language from the Language Live lesson to give further practice and share with other students in the class.

World Culture   Language Learning
New Digital Components    
DVD ROM with the Students’ Book

  • Class Audio with scrolling scripts
  • Downloadable audio and video files for mobile phone
  • DVD clips
  • Audio and video scripts
  • Mini dictionary
  • Phonetic chart
  ActiveTeach for use on an IWB

  • Integrated audio and video files with dynamic rolling scripts
  • Audio and video scripts
  • Answers for exercises
  • Links to Study, Practice and Remember sections
  • Photocopiable activities
  • All tests and test audio
  • Vocabulary and grammar games
  • Mini dictionary
  • Phonetic Chart
  Teacher’s Resource Disc

  • Photocopiable activities
  • Progress Tests
  • Mid-course Test
  • End of Course Test
  • Downloadable test audio files for mobile phone
  • Test and class audio and video scripts


Peter Moor
Peter Moor

Peter Moor started his career as an ELT teacher in the UK and Spain. In 1985, he became Director of Studies at International House Madrid. Between 1987 and 1999 he was a teacher/teacher trainer at International House London where he ran a large number of CELTA and DELTA courses and specialist courses for teachers, including materials writing. Peter also ran DELTA courses for International House Hungary and Switzerland.

Peter wrote the bestselling courses, Cutting Edge andNew Cutting Edge (Pearson Education 1998-2005) with co-author Sarah Cunningham. Other publications include Making Headway (OUP 1991-1992)  andHeadway Pre-intermediate Pronunciation (OUP 1993) with co-author Sarah Cunningham

Peter has given lectures around the world on lexis, task-based learning and methodology.  He has been a plenary/keynote speaker at British Council conferences in Italy, Mexico, Colombia and Vietnam, TESOL Arabia, TESOL Spain, IATEFL Poland, Brazil and Czech Republic.


Sarah Cunningham
Sarah Cunningham

Sarah Cunningham has worked in ELT for over twenty-five years, originally as a teacher, teacher trainer and Director of Studies. She has worked in Greece, Spain, Hungary, Argentina and the UK, and for the last twenty years she has been involved in writing ELT materials. She is the co-author of Cutting Edge and New Cutting Edge with Peter Moor, as well as a number of titles in the Headway Pronunciation and Making Headway series.

Araminta Crace and Jonathan Bygrave have joined them for the 3rd edition. 

Araminta Crace Araminta Crace is a full time writer of ELT materials, Araminta has taught in Brazil (where she was a Director of Studies), Egypt, Portugal and Spain, and worked as a teacher trainer at International House.   Jonathan Bygrave Jonathan Bygrave has worked in ELT since 1992 as a teacher, editor, publisher and author. In recent years he has been writing materials and travelling to research the use of coursebooks in modern classrooms.

Customer Reviews

It’s the best material for task-based learning on the market.

Difficult to imagine switching to another series as we have so much excellent material in Cutting Edge.”

“We enjoy comparing and contrasting the cultural content with the diverse cultures of the students in our classroom.”

“Relevant and challenging vocabulary syllabus, and a lot of solid speaking practice.”

“Visually Cutting Edge is very appealing.  We use the course iWB software which has a good impact on student engagement.”

“Fantastic! Clean pages, reasonable price, Excellent décor.”

“This book is very useful for learning grammar. It makes it easier and more understandable to do the exercises”

If you are interested in purchasing some of the latest Cutting Edge series please click on this link provided to be directed to the search results on the BEBC website http://www.bebc.co.uk/search_result.aspx

3 thoughts on “What’s special about Cutting Edge Third Edition?

  1. This doesn’t seem like an objective review at all , rather it looks like a copy and paste from the publishers !

    • Hello Mark,
      This wasn’t a review at all. It was some published information on the popular cutting edge series for people who have not seen this series before. If you would like to see an exclusive review on Cutting Edge Upper Intermediate Student’s Book, please follow this link and it will direct you to extensive reviews by respected Director of Studies from around the UK
      Thank you

  2. How many hours of classroom lessons should be expected for each cutting edge textbook?

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