Explore the New Total English series


New Total English retains all the popular features of the original edition PLUS strong focus on vocabulary, attention to collocations and now includes an online Vocabulary Trainer at each level. 

New Total English builds on the great features of the original edition including:

  • Clearly defined CEF-related goals and objectives for each lesson
  • brand new texts and DVD clips
  • a completely revised grammar syllabus
  • new photos and contemporary design which make the course easy to navigate
  • now available with MyEnglishLab for blended learning

A Solid grammar syllabus with regular Active Grammar boxes and Reference and Review sections. Over 50% of new material. New DVD material with Film Bank on the ActiveBook disc. New Writing Bank which makes writing a fun and engaging activity. Pronunciation Bank gives students phonetic examples of unit vocabulary.

MyEnglishLab is a flexible online tool that enriches learning, informs teaching and enhances your New Total English course.

With activities, exercises and unit tests providing instant feedback, students stay motivated and engaged and are encouraged to work autonomously. Teachers can use The Gradebook to see whole class or individual student progress and are able to help students who need it the most.

MyTotalEnglishLab – online homework and assessment: Teachers can assign homework and let students work in their own time. Students get exercises automatically marked with instant feedback. Teachers can monitor students’ progress at any time.

Each level of New total English has an online Vocabulary Trainer designed to help students acquire new vocabulary.

Total English Vocabulary Trainer tests students’ knowledge of a word, its meaning, grammar, collocation & usage.

Do your students find it difficult to learn and remember new vocabulary? The VocabTrainer helps them to personalise and remember their vocabulary learning. Students will get thorough practice in the meaning, grammar, collocation and spelling of a word so that they can be confident when speaking and writing in English.

New Total English ActiveTeach – Play TV and film extracts with optional subtitles, Highlight any part of the audio or DVD scripts to target key language. Access additional classroom resource activities and worksheets.

New Total English ActiveBook is a digital coursebook: Full access to the coursebook and exercises in their computer.

The Writing Bank

One of the main new features of New Total English is the Writing Bank. This appears at each level and consists of
one page per unit at the back of the book. This replaces the writing sections that were in the units in the original
edition of Total English, thereby allowing more space and time to devote to the writing skill. There are therefore
twelve Writing Bank lessons in Starter, Elementary and Pre-Intermediate, and ten in the higher levels. There are
still exercises based on writing in the main part of the book, but the focus on the skill of writing and developing
students’ written work is now the Writing Bank.

Each Writing Bank lesson is based on the theme of the unit and recycles some of the language from the unit.
Each one looks at a particular text type and contains a number of activities leading to the final written output.
The text types and writing subskills addressed are revisited through the different levels of the course.

Reviews from students and teachers

My students like to use this book, so far the topics have proved to be popular and relevant to them

A useful addition to my collection of Upper Intermediate text books. An overall successful attempt at making a teacher-friendly, student-engaging textbook.

New Total English  is a very comprehensive package with clear aims, a clear format and familiar syllabus. It is unique in its incorporation of the CEF and inclusion of a film bank and Catch up CD-ROM and would suit learners and teachers of general English who want a comprehensive course with opportunities for independent study and regular assessment.

The Total English Student’s Book is different to those I’ve seen before because it has been written with certain realities in mind: that students need to be interested and engaged in every lesson in order to learn, and that all the students won’t come to all your lessons.These realities often result in more work for the teacher. The Total English books use a format that means the work load on the teacher is lessened. Students who miss a class can make use of the reference and practice pages at the end of each unit, which provides a sort of ‘cheat sheet’ to the grammar points taught in that unit. The practice page encourages the students to use their new language along with that they have learnt in previous units.

Meet the Authors

Image    Diane Hall

Diane Hall is a distinguished figure in ELT and has co-authored Longman Advanced Learners’ Grammar and Distinction English for Advanced Learners along with many others. An “eternal student”, she has qualifications from an MA to a diploma in Film Studies. Diane is the co-author of the Elementary level of Total English.

Image    Mark Foley

Mark Foley is a prolific ELT writer and has co-authored Longman Advanced Learners’ Grammar and Distinction English for Advanced Learners among many others. Before becoming a teacher in 1981, Mark was an architect and earned a Master’s Degree in Architectural History. Mark is the co-author of the Elementary level of Total English.

Image    Araminta Crace

Araminta Crace is a well-respected ELT writer, and is one of the authors of the best-selling Gold exam preparation series. When she’s not busy writing, she likes to “do Ashtanga yoga and go camping, though not necessarily at the same time!” Araminta is the co-author of the Pre-Intermediate and Upper Intermediate levels of Total English.

Image    Rachael Roberts

Rachael Roberts has been a ELT teacher and teacher trainer for over 20 years, working in Egypt, Portugal, Brazil, Poland, Latvia and the UK. She currently divides her time between working as a teacher trainer at the University of Warwick and writing ELT materials. Among other titles, she is the author of Premium B1 level and the new edition of Total English Intermediate.


Some of The New Total English books are in the top ten selling BEBC titles for the month of October and they are available here @ https://www.bebc.co.uk/new-total-english-intermediate-students-book-active-book-pack/9781408267189/



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