face2face Second edition

A few reviews on a great seller at BEBC from valuable customers.

*Really interesting way to study English. I love the interactive DVD this book offers.It also has a wide range of listening and video materials to study with. Recommend this.

*I’ve been using the Face 2 Face series so I knew what to expect. I find the series easy to use with students and most of the subject matter is relevant and reasonably interesting. Using the workbook alongside the students’ book provides ample material from each section (i.e. 1a) for an hour’s lesson and some would be enough for 2 hours if group activities are developed from the material.

*This is a very good course book covering all aspects of what’s needed at all levels. Unlike many books it’s not just aimed at teenagers. It also has a lot of real English usage.


NEW! Online Workbooks for the course are now available, for the Elementary, Pre-intermediate, Intermediate and Upper Intermediate levels.  


face2face Second edition is a fully updated and redesigned edition of this best-selling general English course for adults and young adults.


Unlike other courses, face2face Second edition is informed by the Cambridge English Corpus and its vocabulary syllabus has been mapped to the English Vocabulary Profile, meaning students learn the language they really need to know at each CEFR level. What’s more, face2face Second edition actually teaches students to listen better by drawing their attention to the elements of spoken English that make it so hard for them to understand. And by giving students time to formulate the ideas and language they want to use before they speak, face2face Second edition helps to build both spoken fluency and accuracy.

Key Features of this Title

  • The face2face Second edition books have a completely new page layout designed to be simpler and even easier to navigate. The self-contained double-page lessons are teachable off the page with little or no preparation and make lessons easy to teach and easy to follow.
  • Students can become more autonomous learners thanks to the fully-interactive DVD-ROMs that are packaged with the Student’s Books. The DVD-ROMs include exercises in all language areas, new video material, games, a recording capability, a progress chart and customisable tests.
  • Every unit in the face2face Second edition books places a strong emphasis on reviewing and recycling, helping students to learn more effectively and retain more.
  • ‘Help with’ sections teach students how English really works. Equipped with this understanding of the language, they will be able to apply what they learn more readily and with more confidence in their lives outside the classroom.
  • The new video-based Real World lessons included in every unit give students an engaging way to learn the practical language they need to communicate in their day-to-day lives.
  • Resource website for teachers containing a placement test, including oral test; mapping to the CEF and the UK Adult ESOL Core Curriculum; downloadable wordlists translated into 12 languages; and guidance and worksheets for using the DVD-ROM.




A word from the authors… 


“When Chris and I started writing face2face, two of our guiding principles were to make life easier for teachers by having lessons that required minimal preparation, and to get students communicating quickly and frequently. 

Over the years, we’ve been delighted to receive so many positive comments from teachers and students which confirm that the course has achieved those objectives.

Our principle for developing the second edition in response to all this invaluable feedback has been to ‘keep the best and improve the rest’. So, there’s clearer referencing, more practice, updated material and lots of new features.

I hope that those who have already used face2face successfully will appreciate the changes we have made. For those new to the course, welcome! I hope you and your students find it both effective and engaging.”

Gillie Cunningham

“For me, the most exciting new feature in face2face Second edition is the video material we’ve added to the Real World lessons. Now teachers can use video clips to present the Real World language, enabling students to see this functional and social language being used in its natural context.

I think this new feature will be very motivating for students and provide variety in the classroom for teachers. You’ll find the Real World video clips on the Teacher’s DVD – another great addition to the course – which also includes the teachers’ notes and photocopiables on one disc.

Finally, I’d like to offer my heartfelt thanks to everyone who used the first edition of face2face, and I hope you enjoy using the second edition with your students.”

Chris Redston


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