Brief Guide to the TOEIC Test

We are delighted to introduce you to a new series of books for students of the TOEIC exam.  Published by First Press ELT, the Introductory level has just become available at £22.50, (includes FREE audio Program on MP3).  For those of you unfamiliar with the TOEIC Test, we thought this Guide (Blog) may be of interest to you.


Brief Guide to the TOEIC Test
TOEIC® stands for Test of English for International Communication. The TOEIC test is a standardized test that aims to assess a student’s ability to understand English in a business context. It is designed by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) in Princeton, New Jersey, USA.
Over six million people take the TOEIC test every year. It is an increasingly popular way to assess English proficiency in the world of work. More than 10,000 corporations and institutions in 120 countries throughout the world use the TOEIC test. The test is especially popular in Japan, but is widely-used throughout Asia and is becoming increasingly well-known worldwide (e.g., Greece, Italy and especially France).
The language and situations covered in the TOEIC test are useful across a wide range of business, travel, and work scenarios. The test measures your listening and reading skills across daily work situations and activities, such as General business (sales, marketing, presentations, negotiations, etc.), Office (meetings, telephone, work procedures, etc.), Eating out (restaurants, making reservations, etc.), Health (hospitals, visiting doctors, etc.), Travel (schedules, transport, announcements, etc.), Entertainment (music, art, museums, etc.) and many more.

TOEIC Test Format
The test is divided into two main sections: Listening Comprehension and Reading. There are 100 items in each section. All items are multiple choice. The test takes about two hours to complete.

Listening Comprehension

Part 1: Photographs  10 questions  45m
Part 2: Question-Response 30 questions
Part 3: Short Conversations 30 questions
Part 4: Short Talks  30 questions
Total 100


Part 5: Sentence completion 40 questions  75m
Part 6: Text completion  12 questions
Part 7: Reading comprehension 48 questions
Total  100

You mark your answers on a special Answer Sheet using a pencil. The test is in American English, although the Listening Comprehension section features ‘standard’ American, British, Australian and Canadian accents in equal proportion.

Your TOEIC Score
You cannot fail the TOEIC test. It measures your ability, and you are given a score of between 5 and 495 per section. Your “raw” scores from each section are converted into an test score, giving a total TOEIC score of between 10 and 990. Your TOEIC score is valid for two years.

There is also a TOEIC Speaking and Writing test, which is a separate and optional test is available via the internet.

Benefits of the TOEIC Test
The TOEIC test can help you to:

–  Communicate at work
The language covers real-life work situations, useful for people working in international business, trade, commerce, hotels, banks, restaurants, convention centres, hospitals, sporting events, airlines, the travel industry, and government organizations. If you are preparing to enter the workplace, or already in work, then the TOEIC test can help you communicate more effectively in English when the need arises.

– Develop your career
Many governments, large companies, and international organizations ask their employees to take the TOEIC test as a mark of their English language ability. Do well, and you might open up the chance of overseas trips and assignments, and even promotion.

– Graduate from college
Many academic institutions also use the test for placement, assessment, and accreditation purposes. In some cases, you may have to achieve a minimum TOEIC score in order to graduate.

– Improve your résumé
Many individuals take the TOEIC test to improve their job prospects. Employers use your score on the test to determine what responsibilities and tasks you are capable of. A good TOEIC score could get you the job you want.

– Assess your English level
Many individuals take the test to check their English ability. You can set goals and use the test as a measure of your progress.

Pass the TOEIC Test    More information on the TOEIC Test


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