Welcome to BEBC blog

As Britain’s leading ELT specialist bookseller, we will be using this blog to provide the latest information on new ELT materials from all publishers, large and small, and publishing posts from prominent individuals in ELT on the latest developments within the industry. It is a fact, perhaps sad, that more than 95% of the ELT materials which BEBC sells in the UK come from just four publishers – BEBC blog will be a showcase for all publishers whose material we feel will be of interest to teachers and learners of English, and a channel for others within the industry to share their views and experiences of English Language Teaching.

If you would like to feature on BEBC blog, please email bethany[dot]ansell@bebc.co.uk.

John Walsh, Managing Director, BEBC.


One thought on “Welcome to BEBC blog

  1. Wow – just four? And yes, I know which four…

    Look forward to hearing more on this front, as someone who has written for one of the big four and now enjoys writing for… well, me (and the teachers I’m fortunate enough to be connected to).

    All the best,

    – Jason Renshaw

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